VW New Beetle RSi

The VW New Beetle RSi in MM2

The VW New Beetle RSi is a standard car in Midtown Madness 2 that is unlocked through completing 5 London Circuit races with a podium position. It returns in Midtown Madness 3, but is unlocked by default. It is significantly faster than its base model - the VW New Beetle and its off-road variant, the VW New Beetle Dune. In HQTM Team's Classic Madness mod, it is replaced by the classic BMW 507.


The VW New Beetle RSi is generally great for competeing in Circuit races in, due to its good accelaration and top speed, provided the player doesn't enter offroad conditions with it, especially since the car will hit the curb getting onto the grass due to its low ride height and obstructing bodykit. Instead the player should stick to racing in London, as it isn't as mountainous as San Francisco so the player won't risk damaging their car out mid-race. Taking shortcuts is sometimes risky, especially if the player has to travel over a curb as the car will likely hit the curb and render the shortcut inconvenient.

When driven at high speeds the VW New Beetle Rsi will become harder to steer, forcing the player to slow into corners, however this does make it more stable while driving fast, so the player doesn't lose control of the car.

In general, the VW New Beetle Rsi is a brilliant choice for competeing in races with flat ground, no offroad conditions and is very stable in straight line racing.


Volkswagen New Beetle RSi

A real New Beetle RSi

The VW Beetle began life in 1938, when Dr Ferdinand Porsche designed the Type 1 KdF-Wagen for the German population. It was intended to be such a huge revolution in engineering, that it had its own town, Stadt des KdF-Wagens (now Wolfsburg), named after it. Unfortunately, the dawn of World War II led to the KdF-Wagen's factory to be used to produce the military Typ 82 Kübelwagen and Typ 166 Schwimmwagen. However after WWII, the Typ 1 resumed production under the new name - Volkswagen. Following the war, the 'Volkswagen Beetle' as fans called it (due to its visual similarities to a beetle) became an international pheonomenon, quickly becoming one of the world's most popular cars of all time, and inspired the iconic Porsche 356. In 1967, it recieved a facelift, but fell in popularity, due to its aging design. In 1978, mainstream production of the Beetle ceased in Germany, but small factories in Brazil and Mexico carried on producing Beetles until 2003, when production of the Typ 1 ceased entirely. In 1997, Volkswagen Germany decided to revive the Beetle, creating the VW New Beetle. It was larger and more spacious than its predecessor, in order to keep up with modern rivals. In 2001, the VW New Beetle RSi was introduced as the performance model, while the VW New Beetle Dune concept car was unveiled in 2000, as a possible off-road model, but was never put into production. In 2011, the New Beetle recieved a facelift and is still on sale today.


  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • Horsepower: 225bhp
  • Mass: 3340 lbs
  • Durability: Low

Available ColoursEdit

  • Reflex Yellow
  • Vapour Blue
  • Silver
  • Cup 2000
  • Team Emon (unlocked through victory in all London Circuit Races)
  • Team MS (unlocked through completion of Midterm 1 of the London Crash Course)
  • Team Angel (unlocked through completion of Midterm 1 of the San Francisco Crash Course)
  • Team Panek (originally cut from the game, but made available through use of MM2 Revisited)
  • Green (originally cut from the game, but made available through use of MM2 Revisited)
  • Cup 2000 Beta (originally cut from the game, but made available through use of MM2 Revisited)
  • Cup '99 (originally cut from the game, but made available through use of MM2 Revisited)

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, the Beetle RSi is a four wheel drive car, whereas in the game it is front wheel drive. In fact, the Beetle RSi seems to share many characteristics with the New Beetle Cup Car which features similar bodywork, and is front wheel drive.
  • Reflex yellow and New Beetle Cup RSi's have signal lights on the front bumper, whereas the signal lights on the silver and vapour blue RSi's appear to be missing. The racing RSi's do not come with signal lights at all.
  • The Team Panek livery that was cut from the game is a reference to Jay Panek, who produced the first two Midtown Madness games as well as the Midnight Club series.

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