Steyr is series of MIDTOWN2_Core's existing developments. It starts with discovery of file.

He discovered how to tune this .ar file, so he built several experimental mods. Originally, Steyr was an indevelopment mod, along with DEV-1.

Cancellation and successorEdit

On 28 December 2013, Steir was released, with name similarition, so Steyr were halted. With release of 2014 Edition, Steyr was completely halted, along with DEV-1 experimental car. Steir was halted for a while after 2014 Edition.

Published projectsEdit

Steir: Steir is the only published project of Steyr vision so far. It gives a better tuning to default vehicles. It was downloaded more than 140 times in 4.5 months, that makes the Steir is a very rare mod.

In-develop projectsEdit

Steir MXEdit

MX1 is first major title of Steir mod. It gives a better tuning to default vehicles again. MIDTOWN2_Core plans to add new sounds to the game, too. Also, Steir MX haves some new features:

Traffic Banger

Traffic Banger isn't a new feature at all, but Steir MX gives a new mass to traffics.

Traffic Density (ALL NEW)

Traffic Density is an all-new feature on any MM2 mod. Steir can change density of each traffic type (both SF and London), so that's a first. It'll become one of reasons for a better success.

Successor of DEV-1Edit

DEV-1 was based on Molki's Record Car, likes the successor. The successor will have a better tuning. MIDTOWN2_Core aims to give a better handling to this car. Also, this car will have a better texture.

All of them are a plan. Release date is unknown.

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