Steir is a new mod for MM2. It holds two awards: First file of MIDTOWN2_Core and last mod are released for MM2 in 2013. It fixes the Panoz GTR-1 and improving default cars, plus giving new sounds. The now-updating version 1.x was released on 28 December 2013 at MMArchive as 1.0 version. 2014 Edition was released at MMArchive on 1 January 2014 as first addon for MM2 in 2014. It gives a better "roar" sound for Panoz GTR-1 and gives better tuning to default cars.

The next version, called as MX1, it'll released soon. It'll have a new tuning for default cars, banger tweak for traffic cars and changed density of each traffic type (for example: Ultrasports are rarer, Sedans are more common). MX2 is a rapid upgrade on MX1, contains much more thing. Fourth release of Steir contains:

Mash-tune of 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

Unchanged !! (incompatible with InfiniPursuit)

Unmodified banger file (it'll be fixed soon)

Dash fix of a few car

Some effects

More main menu screens (main menu and graphics were added)

Modified main file

Great revision on game audio

Mash-tune of Ferrari F355

And a sound patch for VW New Beetle RSi. It uses different engine sound from New Beetle now, called as "cota."

And some unannounced features...

It was downloaded 185 times since December 28th, 2013.