"River Dancing" is a lesson in the London Crash Course. To complete the challenge, players must cross a series of barges on the River Thames, using the Tower of London's drawbridge to get started.

This is one of the trickiest sections in the entire game, as the London Cab handles particularly badly while driving over them. Not only is it impossible to see the next barge from inside a boat (leading to a complex memory game), but the taxi will not have enough speed to make each jump if any walls are hit (which sometimes causes it to spin out of control) or the wrong 'line' is taken across the boats. On occasion, the car has even been known to flip over, particularly when jumping over the bridge (where care must be taken not to hit a lamppost, which would immediately land the car on the bridge).

The barges return in Midterm 3 and the Final Exam, but with enough practice, these should seem easier when attempted. Normally, the barges do not appear in Cruise mode, but installing MM2 Revisited will permanently place them in the city, replacing the two 'dead end' barges that would normally be moored there.

If you go to Hyde Park while playing this mission, on the top-right corner as seen on the non-rotating city map, there will be a few objects placed on the grass - including barges from Circuit races surrounding some boxes and a ramp. This area was originally designed for a beta crash course, which was later replaced by the River Dancing course, though the objects remain there even with a retail copy of MM2. Also, note that a similar jump course can be found in Megamod 2SE.

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