Replay in action

Replay Mode is a hidden mode in the game, cut out due to lack of time developing, But it has been partially re-added by Aaro4130, as a feature in MM2 Revisited V5.

Even though it's accessable, at this time, you cannot properly use it. The mode is intended to be accessed from the ingame pause menu or race results screen after you finish a cruise or race. From there, you are supposed to be able to view what you just did, then save your replay and view it later from a button in the Main Menu. However, in MM2 Revisited V5, you need to have an empty .rpl file (provided with the mod), set up the event you want to see in the Race screen, and then load the empty replay via the Main Menu button. From there, you drive around with the overlay up, and click Rew when you're done, and then click Play to watch what you just did. This is essentially a glitch, and you are unable to save it afterwards. Hopfully in the future, the proper buttons can be added into the ingame pause menu and race results screen, and this mode can be properly used.

It does has some noticable bugs, including:

  • Any races with opponents seem to make your car "lose its mind" and go off in weird places.
  • Night time also appears to cause your car to "lose its mind".
  • The replay has a random tendency to go in either fast or slow motion. This appears to be caused by fluctuations in framerate, and is simply the game attempting to keep player control inputs synced with everything else.
  • In very rare cases, your car will "lose its mind" in conditions that normally would not cause it.
  • There is a 5 minute cap on the replay. If what you did goes over 5 minutes, it will abruptly end when watching it.
  • Sounds of the car act as if you are in the "Thrill Cam", they will not follow the camera as you fly by
  • Editing the replay's name then restarting the game seems to cause a crash every time, This is caused by having no track selected

However, in the MM2 Revisited V5 Patch, the mode is now fully functional.

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