This section of the modding guide will tell you how to make headlights

Creating The Headlight ObjectEdit

First off, we need to select the "Cube" tool in ZModeler


Now we are going to create a small cube from the front view of the vehicleCubeonfront

Name this cube "HEADLIGHT0_H:m" if it is the left glowball or "HEADLIGHT1_H:m" if it is the right.

Next, we want to move this cube to where the centre of the glowball will be


Final PreparationsEdit

To finalize this object for in-game use, goto Display > Center Axis, and click on it (Make sure SEL is off). The axis is now centered and it will work in game

To make a second headlight without repeating this procedure, copy this headlight, rename it to the appropriate name (HEADLIGHT0_H:m or HEADLIGHT1_H:m), and center the axis again.

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