This is the third Midterm exam in the London Crash Course. The challenge starts with a J-turn (by slamming the car into reverse, applying the handbrake and turning) in an alleyway (just like in Give Me A Brake!), followed by a chase similar to Artful Dodging, where you will need to escape the "fans" once again as they chase you through the city, towards the Tower of London. The barge jumps from River Dancing are then repeated. Reaching the final checkpoint unlocks the "Spoon!" paint job for the Mini Cooper Classic.

A mod for this Crash Course mission and London's Artful Dodging where all the pursuit cars are replaced by Ford Mustang Cruisers has been made by WildlifeFan/CEO100able and uploaded to MediaFire recently and also showcased on his YouTube channel.


Advisor: Right... you are now ready for the third exam!

Advisor: You're going to have to make use of your newly acquired skills to pass this Midterm exam.

Advisor: Complete failure! This is not the road to graduation! Try again.

Advisor: Sorry, you fail. Try again.

Advisor: You fail, but you know, I have hopes, so try again.

Advisor: That was, shall we say, a rather dismal performance.

Advisor: No no no no no! G-g-go again!

Advisor: Not quite that time; a rather disappointing result, but you'll improve, hopefully.

Advisor: You earned a new paint job for your classic Mini!