Mack RD800, is an addon was released for Midtown Madness 2. It is a heavy truck with that special features:

  • A trailer with big woods from trees
  • Four colors
  • A high durability
  • Weird damage textures
  • A top speed of exceeding 110mph
  • If reaches to high speeds, the vehicle will very slightly (about %3 or 4) unstable when going straight
  • It has got three license plates (one in trailer) are writing "AR_boss"
  • An enough power for ramming a Tour Bus

It has got high mass, however, in the Abandoned City 3, if player hits to the highway road with a Mack RD800 at 110mph, the truck will fly and kills itself for more times than three.

Mack RD800 TR were hired into production as one of the heavy duty trucks of Mack and produced till 1990.

Performance DataEdit

Horsepower: 300+

Top Speed: 114mph

Mass: More than 6000lbs

Durability: Very High

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