MM2 Ultimate Tweaker is an editor application uploaded on Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme [1] by HQTM Team on June 19th 2008, and downloaded close to 18,000 times. It was designed to make any downloaded add-on vehicle (not just those of HQTM Team) tweakable, by changing the tuning, handling, suspension parameters, and much more. With it, giving any add-on vehicle a NOS effect, removing their damage textures, making them unbreakable, or even changing the wheels and/or camera views is possible.

Features included with mechanical tuning:

  • Mass (scale of 500-5000)
  • Horsepower (scale of 300-10000)
  • Idle RPM (scale of 500-20000)
  • Optimal RPM (scale of 500-20000)
  • Maximal RPM (scale of 500-20000)
  • Number of gears in automatic transmission (scale of 3-8)
  • Number of gears in manual transmission (scale of 3-8)
  • Rear wheels, front wheels, 4x4 (scale of 0-2)
  • Adjust velocity of the car, low param (scale of 10-600)
  • Adjust velocity of the car, high param (scale of 10-600)
  • Adjust velocity of the car, reverse param (scale of 10-600)
  • Turning radius (scale of 0.30-1.00)
  • Power of the front brakes (scale of 0.10-5.00)
  • Power of the rear brakes (scale of -10.00-5.00) (<0 adds NOS effect)
  • Steering wheel rotation in dashboard view (scale of 0.20-7.00)

Features included with optical tuning:

  • Allows you to adjust the position of the wheels (front suspension and rear suspension)

Features included with camera tuning:

  • Allows you to install/uninstall the front bumper, near, and far camera views

Features included with miscellaneous tuning:

  • Allows you to remove damage textures or make car unbreakable

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