The Murciélago in MM2

The Lamborghini Murcielago is an add-on car availible for download on Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme[1]. It is a popular car, with over 25,000 downloads, and was uploaded by HQTM Team on December 7th 2003.

The car features a detailed model with semi-transparent windows, 3D wheels, damage textures, breakable parts, seven different paint jobs, shadows, a realistic interior, realistic sounds, and a very realistic performance.

The car does not have a dashboard, but a 2D dashboard with a night version was later released on HQTM Team's website, availible for download. Additionaly, a police car version was also released on the same website.


800px-Gray Lamborghini LP640

A real Murciélago

The Lamborghini Murcielago was introduced in 2001 as the successor to the Lamborghini Diablo, and the first car made after Audi bought out Lamborghini in 1998. It used with a 6.2-litre V12 engine allowing the car to reach 205mph, while producing 572bhp. A roadster version followed, then in 2005, the Murcielago LP640 was created - with a bigger 6.5-litre engine increasing the power to 631bhp, and letting the car reach 211mph. Like the first Murcielago, a roadster version of the LP640 appeared, as well as a limited edition LP650-4 roadster. In 2010, the Murcielago was updated again to the LP670-4 SuperVeloce (SV). The SV name hadn't been used since the Diablo SV in 1999. This car increased the power to 641bhp, so the car could reach 213mph (209mph with the optional Aeropack Wing). The limited-edition Lamborghini Reventon is based on the Murcielago LP640. Production of the Murcielago ended in November 2010, to be replaced by the Aventador in 2011, which uses a brand new Lamborghini V12 engine.


  • Top Speed: 205 mph
  • Horsepower: 572 bhp
  • Mass: 3638 lbs
  • Durability: Very Low

Availible ColoursEdit

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Fluo Green
  • Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Grey

The following are add-on colours, that can be downloaded from HQTM Team's website, and put into the game using MM2 Car Skin Changer:

  • Blue Comet (by Paul167)
  • Black Fire (by Dziki)
  • Fuchs Racing (by Dziki)

Police car versionEdit

HQTM Team have released a police car version of the Lamborghini Murcielago. The tuning, sounds, and downloadable dashboard are taken straight from the normal version, but as a police car, it has working sirens (with Also, there are two paint jobs: Highway Patrol (based on the SFPD paint job), and Polizei.

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