The Ford Mustang GT Concept in MM2

This article is about the custom car released by HQTM Team. For the default car included in the retail versions of MM2, see Ford Mustang GT.

The Ford Mustang GT Convertible in MM2

HQTM Team have released two Ford Mustang GTs both based on the 2003 concept car that inspired the current generation, which was seen in both coupe and convertible forms. Both are availible for download on Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme, were uploaded on Febuary 8th 2004[1][2], and have been downloaded over 9,000 times. The models are scratch-made, and come with 5 colours.


800px-2005 Ford Mustang convertible concept (exterior)

The real Ford Mustang GT Convertible Concept Car

The Ford Mustang has been Ford's pony car since it was released in 1964. The Fastback model was the coupe version of the car sold from 1965-68, before the second facelift, when it was renamed "Sportsroof." The Ford Mustang Fastback featured in MM2 is a 1968 Fastback, built after the first facelift and famed for its appearance in the move Bullitt. The second 'generation' of Mustang was introduced in 1974, with the new mindset that speed wasn't everything. As a result, sales plummeted, until the release of the third Mustang in 1978. Although its early facelifts are often considered to be the ugliest Mustang ever, it managed to keep in profit until its discontinuation in 1993. 1994 saw the arrival of the fourth-gen Mustang, on which the Ford Mustang GT and Ford Mustang Cruiser are based. The GT model was the performance model of the era, while the Cruiser was the modified police version. The models used in MM2 are from 2000 (as they would have been current models at the time of MM2's release) promptly after the generation's facelift in 1999. The latest generation of Mustang was introduced in 2005 (inspired by the Ford Mustang GT Concept), and facelifted in 2010. Many variants of the newest Mustang have been ported into MM2 in the form of mods.


  • Top Speed: 160 mph
  • Horsepower: 400 bhp
  • Mass: 3006 lbs
  • Durability: Medium

Available ColorsEdit

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Red Dragon
  • Bullit

The following are add-on colors, that can be downloaded from HQTM Team's website, and put into the game using MM2 Car Skin Changer:

  • Top Secret (by Capek)
  • Tangello Stang (by Carboy717)
  • Bronze (by BoosterMM)
  • Custom Blue (by BoosterMM)
  • White Cabrio (by BoosterMM)
  • Red & White Strip (by BoosterMM)
  • Smooth Black (by BoosterMM)
  • Gold (by Paul167)

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