=== Nice police car that has very good 3D model, very good textures, a very good dashboard, very good sounds and tuning, 2 paintjobs, and damages with breakable parts.
Model coming from Driver San Francisco game. A conversion by Aaro4130 and Jelly. ===

about the car Edit

Starting with the 1998 model year, the police version of the Crown Victoria, previously named Crown Victoria P71, was changed to Police Interceptor, and new rear badging was assigned instead of the civilian Crown Victoria badge. Though the Crown Victoria badge is still affixed to Police Interceptors equipped with the Street Appearance package for vehicles that require civilian styling (undercover cars, office/city motor pool, fire departments, etc.), Police Interceptor models come with a black front grille, a black rear fascia on the trunk lid, with chrome trim under the tail lights through 1999 models and black trim under the tail lights on 2000 and later models. 1999 through 2000 models have a blacked out version of the standard chrome bar grille, while 2001 and up models have a black honeycomb type grille. They also have several "heavier-duty" mechanical upgrades, and newer models have additional safety features to deal with fuel-tank safety concerns. Ford has replaced the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with upgraded and heavy-duty versions of the Ford Explorer and Ford Taurus. In response, many police departments like that of Austin, Texas, are buying reserve supplies of the last Crown Victorias to allow them to maintain a fleet of reliable police cars into the future.

Ford Vic SFPD

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