This is the final exam in the San Francisco Crash Course. Unlike the London Final Exam, this event only takes skills learned from three lessons - About Face, Brake Dancing and Turn It Up!. The exam starts with a handbrake turn, followed by a complex route through the Russian Hill. The finale is staged in the bay area, where the player must turn the car around on the largest pier, before heading to the final checkpoint by the Fish Market. The whole exam uses a 50 mph minimum speed limit, which makes the Russian Hill and pier sections particularly tricky. Completing the exam unlocks the Light Tactical Vehicle.


Advisor: Do everything right and you'll unlock the Light Tactical Vehicle, better known as the LTV.

Advisor: You'll have to use all the skills you've learned to shoot the final scene.

Director: Cut, cut, cut. Let's take this one again from the top, people.

Director: Cut, cut, cut! Mustangs do not grow on trees, people.

Director: Cut, cut, cut. This is our big scene, people. I need everybody to concentrate.

Director: Cut, cut, cut, cut, CUT!

Director: Cut! Let's try to finish this millennium, people.

Director: Cut! People, let's get this right so I can go home.

Director: Cut! People, let's get this right so I can go home. I gotta be on Rosie tomorrow.

Director: Cut, this is not movie magic, people. This is a disgrace.

Director: Cut, we cannot fix that in editing, people. We're gonna have to do that again.

Director: Cut, we need our stunt driver to hit this perfectly, please. Let's take it from the top.

Advisor (when the player wins): And I'm proud to tell you, you've just unlocked the LTV, the Light Tactical Vehicle. Congrats.

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