On August 9, 2014, a Chicago mod was developed by SuperSecret for Midtown Madness 2, in which it is now possible to cruise and race on Chicago, the track featured in the original Midtown Madness. This track features the same races from the original Midtown Madness, with working opponents. All of the famous landmarks seen in Midtown Madness are now present in this conversion for Midtown Madness 2. In addition, the race menu and loading screens feature accurate race maps, and are now in MM2-style, and the Chicago Police Ford Mustang GT is now a usable vehicle.

It can be downloaded here.


  • Chicago was mentioned in Midtown Madness 2 by a London traffic driver saying: "Are you from Chicago?" It could mean the player is originally from Chicago, or it is just a reference to the original Midtown Madness because the Midtown Madness series has no storyline.

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