Deanna_Troi's sixth conversion, after a long while, is the 2002 Ford Crown Victoria. It has a very good model with very nice textures coming from Driver San Francisco game, a great dashboard, new very nice sounds, good adapt tuning, 11 colors and damages with breakable parts.

about the car Edit

The Ford Crown Victoria (colloquially called the "Crown Vic") is a full-size sedan that was marketed and manufactured by Ford from the 1992 to the 2011 model years. The successor to the Ford LTD Crown Victoria, the Ford Crown Victoria served as the flagship sedan of the Ford model line, slotted above the Ford Taurus and as the Ford counterpart of the Mercury Grand Marquis. Produced across two generations, the Crown Victoria was sold exclusively as a four-door sedan. Ford marketed the purpose-built Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor police car variant to law-enforcement agencies; a long-wheelbase sedan for commercial (taxi) use was introduced in 2002.

The Ford Crown Victoria was produced on the rear-wheel drive Ford Panther platform, shared with the Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. From 1997 to their 2011 withdrawal, the three sedans were the final full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger sedans produced in North America and the only non-luxury sedans offered with a standard V8 engine; the 4.6L Modular V8 introduced in 1992 was the first overhead-cam engine .

1280px-2007 Ford Crown Victoria LX

The Ford Crown Victoria (and Crown Victoria Police Interceptor) were produced at the now-closed St. Thomas Assembly in Southwold, Ontario, Canada. The final vehicle produced at the facility was a 2012 Ford Crown Victoria, as part of a small group of vehicles intended for export to the Middle East. In total, over 1.5 million examples of the Ford Crown Victoria (including Police Interceptors) were manufactured by St. Thomas Assembly from 1991 to 2011. Within the Ford model line, the Crown Victoria was not directly replaced, with the front/all-wheel drive Ford Taurus most closely matching it in interior and trunk dimensions.

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